Saturday, 30 March 2019

The glorious weather continues which is wonderful in some ways but not so good if you want to run horses - The ground will be too fast at Kingston to run any of our (slow!) horses so we will have a day off and do 'Mothers Day' stuff.
I have just been to look at our youngsters which are beginning to slip their winter coats and don't look quite so much like hairy goats - In fact they are rather a nice bunch - Three from Velvet Dove who won six points and one from Velvet Dream who didn't win a race but is nicely bred. I suppose we really ought to put them up for sale but that is just not my strong point as I want to keep everything as I am always worried they won't go to a nice yard.

From left to right Midnight Legend 5 year old, Pasternak 4 year old, Universal 3 year old and Native Ruler 2 year old. All geldings.