Saturday, 9 March 2019

We entered Kingsley and Top Garry at Ampton tomorrow and it seems that is the only place in the country where it hasn't rained - The ground has still got firm in it so we won't be running our lovely big boys now until next weekend for Kingsley and Ted Thistle at the Oakley and Top Garry for Garthorpe the following week.
The ground has been perfect for galloping around the big field though and all horses are in fine fettle and looking forward to running on safe ground.  Babbiloora is just back in full work after her long recovery and will run towards the end of the season as she isn't as advanced as the others. The new mare Secret Getaway is going really well and Ted Thistle (who is also by Getaway) ran away with me in the big field as he is absolutely full of himself - He was always reluctant to go to the front so although being carted wasn't meant to happen it was great to see him enjoying himself!!

Babbiloora - On the road to full fitness.