Monday, 18 March 2019

We had a fun days racing yesterday with all four horses coming home safely - Ted Thistle was the star of the show running a blinder. The instructions to Billy were not to get to the front until after the last (as he doesn't like being out in front?!) but he pulled himself into the lead after the third fence and was flying along when he saw the open ditch which was a bit scary without a lead and nearly stopped with Billy very close to falling off - needless to say he lost a lot of ground but came back to finish a vey good third.
Ted Thistle - Going down to the start

In front somewhat too soon!

Kingsley was also running a great race when a horse fell in front of him and he jumped sideways to avoid the carnage but pulled a shoe off and didn't feel right so thankfully Billy pulled him up before he jarred himself up further. He had a bit of a puffy fetlock this morning but was fine when he came in from the field this afternoon.
Kingsley going down to the start

Ben and 'Too Much Too Soon' didn't quite see eye to eye over a few fences and subsequently pulled up.  Cloud and Lucy also had a slight disagreement over a fence when Cloud was unsighted going into the second and Lucy was sitting on Cloud's head for a stride or two and lost her stirrups, until the lovely mare pushed her back on board and the partnership continued in their own time but with them both finishing like a train over the last. How Lucy manages to defy the law of gravity I will never know! 
Team Harkin, but namely Lucy and Jane Burton also won three best turned outs. A great effort. Well done team!
Lucy nearly falling off