Monday, 15 April 2019

Oh dear, so much for the Yogi Breisner sessions - Both our novice jockeys fell off!!  Lucy and Jess were running a cracking race and we all got rather excited when Jess moved into second three fences from home and looked as though she was gaining on Summer Sounds (Yes - Jess??!!) - It didn't last though as Lucy asked for a long stride and Jess thought differently - leaving Lucy on the turf.
Ben had a spectacular fall - He lost an iron when he clashed with another horse going over the first and was wobbling about trying to get his iron back and toppled off before the second fence, but it looked as though he bounced off the fence on the way down - I can't wait to see the video as it looked pretty special at the time...Both horses and jockeys are fine though which is the main thing. Onwards and upwards. Sigh....
Gina Andrews won her 41st race of the season breaking the record for a female jockey - The record being set by Polly Curling. I got to know Polly very well when we were doing our trainers course at Newmarket and she is a lovely, unassuming lady. Indeed I had no idea that she had set the record in the first place twenty four years ago which was some feat as the season was so much shorter and trainers preferred to use male jockeys in those days. 
Kingsley is now very sick and could barely crawl up the gallop this morning and then bled so we now know what his problem was at Guilsborough. Having to give the horses a double vaccination because of Equine Flu has really knocked some of them back. I have spoken to a couple of vets about it and they said that it has caused all sorts of problems in a lot of yards. Giving them a flu vaccination in February when their immune system is at its lowest is the worst thing you can do and yet we had no choice.  - Top Garry has still got a bruised foot but it is now almost better. It has been a long haul and he will have lost some fitness so may not be ready for this Garthorpe.

Gina's 41st win of the season