Saturday, 20 April 2019

We're not going to Dingley today, partly due to concerns about the ground but mainly due to Babbiloora (Pasta) also succumbing to the virus and feeling very flat during the week. We will be taking horses to Thorpe (Ted and Craig) and will see what the ground is like.
We have had a busy week as it was Doug's Birthday on Monday - I organised a supper for him with some friends at The Plough at Boddington where the food and atmosphere was fabulous.
On Thursday we went to Cheltenham for a Thorougbred Breeders conference and lunch followed by some terrific racing. The weather was beautiful and it was a really lovely day out. In between the moments of leisure we have been flat out with the horses, shepherd huts, fencing and spraying. As the weather is so lovely at the moment the latter three have been full on.
I have just heard that there has already been two walk overs at Dingley as the ground is so firm so it would appear unlikely that we are going to Thorpe as it is so hot and even if they water the moisture will come straight out of the ground.