Sunday, 11 August 2019

I have had a lovely week with lots of long walks with the dogs (all four of them although Pocket often ends up in my pocket), swimming in the river as I have promised myself that I would swim every day, no matter what the weather, watching India at mini Pony Club camp, which was SO sweet, and last night we went to the Fairport Convention at Cropredy which was a first for us - It has been going for forty years and this is the first time I remembered to buy tickets before they sold out. It is like a mini Glastonbury but with an older and very friendly audience. So much fun with some very talented musicians. We will make sure we get tickets organised for next year and go in a group.
I have also been really busy with the shepherd huts and glamping site. The horses are coming in on the 18th September to be shod but will probably live outside for as long as possible until the weather turns.

The Fairport Convention at Cropredy - We were in the Mosh pit!!

India on Hunny - "I want to jump higher and go faster" - She may be our novice rider in 12 years time....?
We thoroughly enjoyed watching the England v Wales match this afternoon (33-19 to England. Great to see England play so much better against them than in the Six Nations and bodes well for the World Cup, although Wales were pretty dangerous when they got the ball and will probably even the score when they play England again next week. I am SO looking forward to our trip to Japan in October to see the Rugby World cup. Hopefully we will have either England or Australia to cheer on in the final....