Friday, 20 September 2019

It has been a wonderful summer despite the black cloud of HS2 looming over us - Now I am itching to get back on the horses - We just have five in this time, which is far more manageable and enjoyable for us. We have Top Garry, Ted Thistle, Secret Getaway (a new one) Velvet Cloud and Glory Hunter.
The mares and foals are looking fabulous particularly little Popalong who has exactly the same traits as her Mum - Food is number one priority and she jealously guards the creep feeder and won't let anyone else near it. She has learnt to be really independent as Popaway is far too busy grazing to bother much about her - Just occasionally she will glance up to see where her daughter is but most of the time they are at opposite ends of the field.  She loves her really though and I am sure when it comes to weaning she will suddenly become fiercely maternal!

Popaway finding motherhood somewhat boring
A rare maternal moment