Tuesday, 8 October 2019

We have just come back from a wonderful week in Greece at our favourite place, Katigiorgis, on the Pelion peninsula. It is a small fishing village and we have got to know the inhabitants really well as we keep going back year after year. We have watched the children grow up and seen weddings, births and funerals - We get such a welcome when we return that we almost feel part of their family

Sunrise view from our balcony

Deserted beach five minutes walk away - The little dot is me swimming. There had been a herd of wild pigs on the beach before we arrived
Sunset seen from Lafkos
 Sarah did a great job looking after the horses and the dogs with the occasional riding out help from Paige and Lucy and Freddie and Dom looked after Doug's business. They did such a good job we won't feel even slightly guilty or worried when we set off for Japan on the 23rd October  We have got tickets for the semi final and final in the hope that one of the home nations or Australia will still be in although I will be happy to adopt Japan if they get to the final as they have really being playing out of their skins and are very much the underdogs.