Sunday, 22 December 2019

To say it has been wet these last few days would be an understatement but today there was a strange yellow ball in the sky - The sun! It was lovely to see and everything looked so much better.  It has been so wet that we bought all the mares inside as the fields were flooded and they were making such a mess. Popalong wasn't at all bothered about seeing her Mum again even though they are now in neighbouring yards. She is very grown up and totally in charge of everyone -  including us! 
I have been rushing around getting everything ready for Christmas. It has been a very sociable last two weeks and we are about to go out to a drinks party now so better dash. Hoping to go to Kempton on Boxing day and then either Chaddesley or Cottenham in between Christmas and the New Year.  Annoyingly Top Garry has pulled a hamstring messing about in the field, so is off games at the moment. Ted and Murphy may be going to Ampton on the 12th January depending on the ground.  Happy Christmas to everyone if I don't have time to do a post before now and then!
Popalong very grown up now.

Glory Hunter in front and Ted's ears going for another paddle