Monday, 9 December 2019

We had a great weekend with rugby on Saturday - Saints v Leinster - not quite the result we were hoping for but it was  a pleasure to watch such fantastic rugby from the Irish side, Leinster. They should win the European cup again if they continue to play such top class rugby. On Sunday We went to a friends house for lunch - the Towcester lot were there and it was one of those fun lunches that go on until supper time and later....Not great for productivity on Monday but a good time was had by all.
Roy, Carol, Steven and Woody came today to see Popaway and Popalong. It will be the last time they will see them together as we have now weaned them and they are spending their first night apart. We have already weaned Dream and Dove's foals and when we put Popalong and Jasper (Tiks foal) with them within twenty minutes Popalong had them cowering in the corner - She is just as bossy as her mother!  We are doing the 'soft weaning' method whereby we have separated them but they can still see each other in the barn and at this stage it is all going very smoothly with no stress on either side.
Today I had one of our new heart monitors as well as Sarah and it was really interesting to do a direct comparison with two horses doing exactly the same work - I was on Glory Hunter and Sarah was on Ted Thistle - We always knew that Ted was laid back and this shows that he will have to work harder to get his heart rate up to the right level so that he is fit enough when it comes to a race. 

Ted Thistle's read out - 1% hard as compared to Glory Hunter's 18% and only 6% when combined with the Fat Burn as compared to 32% from Glory Hunter

They both did the same hack - trotting most of the time except down hills.

Glory Hunters read out - 18% hard as compared to Ted's 1% and 32% including the Fat Burn as compared to Ted's 6%!  A huge difference and will have to be trained accordingly.