Tuesday, 14 January 2020

We had a lovely day racing - Everyone at Ampton is always so friendly and they made us very welcome. The boys had a very easy time which wasn't quite the plan - I think the jockey took my instructions to 'look after them' a little too seriously and pottered around the back pulling Ted up after two circuits and then Glory Hunter after 18 fences (there are twenty in the 3 mile race at Ampton)  He hadn't schooled them, as unfortunately Sam Lee who thought he would be free wasn't after all, and he rode rather tentatively, which is totally understandable when you don't know the horses. Both horses were a bit ring rusty with their jumping. Ted blew a bit afterwards but Murphy didn't at all and was able to go straight onto the lorry afterwards. Most importantly they enjoyed themselves and the jockey, James, did a great job of looking after them!
They were so fresh the next day that we had to put them on the walker for over an hour and then when they were turned out they cut some serious shapes.
Ted Thistle having a lovely day out

Ted and Murphy playing in the mud the next day
As they didn't do much at the races they are both going to Thorpe in two weeks time. Sarah will be in charge as we are going to Sri Lanka to spend some time with Jay. We have great team to look after everything and it will be good for us to get away from the stress of HS2 and come back fighting fit to take them on....