Monday, 27 January 2020

We are just coming to the end of the most wonderful and much needed break. It was very special to catch up with Jay and see that she is so happy. She is still passionate about her restaurant in Pondicherry and is doing really well there..
In the meantime we have been watching with interest all the press about HS2. What is of enormous relief is that at last someone has been brave enough to expose their corruption. Something that we have suspected all along. There will be an awful lot more to come out yet and hopefully many heads will roll.
Tomorrow we have a meeting in Westminster with the Head of Transport organised by Andrea Leadsom, who has been very supportive. It will be a unique opportunity for us to ask some curly questions on behalf of everyone who has been affected.
Due to this meeting we will postpone the protest that was going to take place at Blackgrounds on the possession date. We will keep our powder dry until the troops are needed but hopefully it won't come to that and common sense prevails. A huge thank you to all the many people who have been supporting us and who were willing to turn out on the day.  We have been overwhelmed by the backing and encouragement by so many people who have offered much kindness and help against this dishonest, fraudulent and unethical monster that is HS2.