Monday, 17 February 2020

Secret Getaway having a pop today with Lucy Burton
We had a lovely Valentines supper at Fawsley Hall on Friday - Doug came up trumps this time - he has been known to completely forget or even book a 'Valentines meal' for the wrong date, which was an interesting conversation with the restauranteur "Yes, sir, we can book you in for the 21st but I am afraid we cannot offer you the Valentine's day menu...." It was at the Butchers Arms, so we went anyway and needless to say the staff all thought it was hilarious and have never let Doug forget!
Storm Dennis then swept in and ruined any chances of going to watch any racing so I decided to duck off down to Devon for a couple of days to see some wild seas and rivers, and also do a reconnaissance on where we might end up living. We love the North of Devon where you have the rugged coastline and it meets Exmoor and it came up to expectations again even if the weather was terrible. We just have to find somewhere that can accommodate us and our menagerie now....

Boats hiding from the storm at Lynmouth

Rocky valley