Friday, 6 March 2020

Guilsborough is off because of the sodden ground and although we are entered for Didmarton there are 46 entries for Secret's race and although they will split it the last thing we want is for her to be in a very competitive 16-18 runner maiden. Also we are out to supper that evening and wouldn't get back in time as she is in the last race. So, very disappointing that another weekend is going by with no racing. Thank goodness we haven't got impatient owners giving us grief... Yesterday we schooled Top Garry with Sam Lee on board and Secret Getaway with Lucy. We were hoping that Garry had got over his pulled muscle but he was sore afterwards so we have decided to call it a day with him this season. He is such a lovely horse and still hasn't grown into his frame so it won't be a bad thing for him to have another year to fill out. Secret Getaway jumped like a buck though and we are delighted with her as she had to jump the big fences on her own.