Monday, 2 March 2020

What a beautiful day today! Such a difference to last week. On Sunday we went to Larkhill where it was great racing. We were particularly interested in watching Smoking Pidgeon, Velvet Dove's six year old by Midnight Legend. Doug led him round the paddock as he was quite strong last time but he was really chilled and a very good boy. Unfortunately during the race he had pulled himself to the front but then got distracted by a loose horse that came upsides him and blundered the fence unseating his owner/rider. He had a lovely gallop round and was absolutely fine, thank goodness. He has so much ability but just needs to concentrate during a race and possibly go back to a three mile race where things aren't happening so quickly for him. He looks fabulous though and is as fit as a flea. Deborah is doing a great job and it is lovely to see him so happy.
Even though it was a sunny day today the gallops are still very wet and both myself and Maria got absolutely plastered as we were following Sarah on Glory Hunter, I was on Ted Thistle and Maria was on Secret Getaway.

Somewhat splattered