Tuesday, 7 April 2020

It was a real shock last evening finding out that the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson had been admitted to Intensive Care in hospital. For this hideous virus to affect someone as larger than life and ebullient as Boris, really brought it home how contagious and dangerous it is. I think it even made my Dad realise that it isn't to be taken lightly - I have been doing the shopping for him and my brother Peter who has diabetes, and up until now Dad has been furious that he hasn't been allowed his normal Tuesday morning trip out to see me, but this morning I didn't have to fight him off for our (previously) normal hug and agreed that we should sit far apart with the doors open in the conservatory. My thoughts go out to the people who are fighting this, over 6000 deaths now in the UK. The worst part is that they have to die without their family around them. Tragic.
The dogs, horses and beautiful countryside is a great tonic to all this sadness.  I have already had a swim in the river, which I think is the earliest yet, and it was absolutely FREEZING.

The supermarket wasn't too bad today and everything was on the shelves although I was horrified to see POLISH beef in Sainsbury's. I complained to the manager and his reply was that they wanted to give their customers the choice - Nothing to do with the fact that it was considerably cheaper because  their hygiene and animal welfare is so much lower than in the UK. You would have thought that during this difficult time the supermarkets (who are making a fortune due to the virus) would support British farmers who are finding it increasingly tough.
Poppy, Pocket and Tatty - Jack was chasing bunnies
Tatty having a paddle

Flipping COLD!