Monday, 13 April 2020

Good news! Boris Johnson has been released from hospital and is now in convalescence. It was touch and go and his survival would have made him really appreciate the amazing work that the NHS are doing all over the country. The bad news is that CV-19 has now taken over 10,000 lives in the UK alone. The only hope is that it is nearing its peak and will soon start to subside. There are so many negatives to this but we have to draw on the positives. The weather has been fabulous and I have made the most of it by swimming in the river, riding, walking and reading books which I would never normally have time for. The other positive is that we are sleeping much better without the threat of HS2 evicting us. Even they can't kick us out during this pandemic. By law, they can't anyway since Andrea Leadsom MP has stepped in, but bearing in mind they seem to have their own rules and think they are above the law, they simply cannot be trusted. It just shows how much stress they cause.
We turned the youngsters out in the field a couple of days ago for the first time - There still isn't enough grass to turn them out permanently but it was lovely to see them galloping around (Popalong in front of course!) They now go out every day and Cloud and Secret go out at night time. Murphy and Ted have been roughed off completely now.  Due to the virus I haven't seen the 'little 'uns for some time but these are the photos that were sent through today.


Stacey (Velvet Dream's foal) and Vicky (Velvet Dove's foal)

Sophie with Henry

Joseph with Jessica