Sunday, 17 May 2020

Happy First Birthday Popalong!  Popaway is looking rather large and her bag is very full. She is actually due on the 19th May and Bea and Jess are due on the 12th and 15th but Pops looks closer. They have got alarms in and at night have a camera on them - We now have a team of about ten potential midwives watching on the cameras on their iphones - Sarah, Henry, Lucy, Jane, Holly, Roy, Carol, Steve, Katie and Rachel, so we should have an early alert once they start to show signs (If anyone else wants to watch the mares please text me on 07970770236 for the user name and password)
SO excited but slightly nervous - I love the foaling time but know that it is very different from calving and lambing so somewhat out of my depth.
Lovely day today, I got some gardening and all my hanging baskets done - It worries me a little how much I am enjoying 'pottering around' and loving gardening as I am turning into my mother. It could be worse I guess!

It's my Birthday!!

Birthday Polo's

Baked especially for Popalong's Birthday but going to be eaten by us!