Sunday, 24 May 2020

We had a nice little surprise this morning with Sqeak having a sweet little addition running by her side. She was due to come in next week with Dream and Tik to have her alarm fitted but saved us the bother. A lovely little filly foal that had clearly suckled and was as right as rain. Thank goodness!
Popaway had her first night in the foaling box last night with the cameras on her.  She was an absolute pain in the butt (literally!) as she kept on setting off the alarm by scratching her bottom on the window sill. It wouldn't have been so bad if she hadn't been staring at the camera all the time she was doing it and seemed to know exactly what she was doing. One way of calling room service I suppose!
It was a lovely day today and I caught up on various jobs and enjoyed pottering around in the garden. I am sounding more and more like my Mother... I also gave Doug another haircut. We couldn't find the hair scissors so had to use the scissors that we are using to snip out the foaling alarm, washed of course! I also used the horse clippers for his hairy neck. He looks like a new man!
Jess looks restless at the moment so it looks as though we won't be getting much sleep again.