Saturday, 2 May 2020

Well life goes on.... We are still in 'lock down' and now there has been over 28,000 deaths due to Covid-19. It was my Birthday on Thursday but it was also the funeral of our good friend so a bitter sweet day, particularly as we couldn't  attend and pay our respects. He will be sorely missed and it is just heart breaking that we will never see his smiling face again. Instead I went for a very long walk through Appletree, Claydon, Cropredy and then back through Wardington. It was raining but that suited my mood. It is such a beautiful time of year and it really lifted my spirits.
The horses are keeping me sane as it is so lovely to have them around. We thought it was time for the yearlings to leave home and go to 'boarding school' as we had been offered a lovely field full of grass just half a mile along the road. They all loaded in the lorry and off they went like 'grown up' horses. They had a good canter around without any incidences and then happily started to graze. The next morning I went to see them with some food and they were all fast asleep in the middle of the field. They had their breakfast and I went home thinking how easy it had all been and how well behaved they were. Yes, you're right - It couldn't last. I got a panicked call from Sarah who had been driving past and saw Popalong on one side of the field and the other three going mad on the other side. When I arrived it was clear that she had jumped over (I think there had been a dog in the field) and the others had tried to follow but failed as there was rather a lot of blood - Jasper was the worst off with rather deep cuts. They were all led home and thankfully there was no long lasting damage. We were so lucky. As we are short of grass we will have to try again, but probably put the older horses in the field to begin with and put some electric fencing around which they are used to.

Butter wouldn't melt....

We have had a bit of rain since so the grass here should start to grow.
It won't be long now before the mares start to foal - Two weeks and Jess and Popaway are the first due. Can't wait!