Monday, 20 April 2020

The amazing Captain Tom who was on a mission to achieve £1000 sponsorship for the NHS charity before his 100th Birthday if he walked 100 laps around the garden. He captured the public's heart and has now raised over £26 million! What a wonderful man and it lifts the heart to see how generous the public have been to such a worthy cause.
Captain Tom on the way to achieving his 100th lap and him and his army mates during the first world war
That's the good side of this lock down. The bad side is the press and how they are continually sniping at the government as to how they have handled the crisis and how we are 'supposedly' running out of PPE equipment. They have been going on and on and their negativity is driving me mad. Of course we are going to run low on PPE equipment when each hospital is using around 1,000 gowns a day and goodness knows how many gloves and masks. There is a world shortage. Why on earth can't they autoclave them and use them again? They are washed at such a high temperature that they are perfectly sterile. If some of the key workers (bus drivers etc) are that worried why don't they buy their own kit? You can get it on the internet with next day delivery. I can't even listen to the news at the moment and that ghastly Laura Kuenssberg and her obnoxious joy as soon as she finds a perceived 'weakness' with the government's plan as it gives her a chance to peck away and score a few points.  There were less admissions today and the NHS have not been inundated as everyone predicted. There are still empty hospitals waiting to be used but the press never mention the positive side which is so needed during this time.  Moscow had a queue of ambulances with seriously ill Covid-19 patients on board waiting for nine hours to be admitted into the hospitals which were overflowing. Imagine the press here if an ambulance had to wait more than half an hour?? We don't know how lucky we are and it is about time the press recognised that and stopped their incessant whining.

Miss 'Know it all' Laura Kuenssberg - One of the most obnoxious journalists around.