Saturday, 18 April 2020

At last my swallows have arrived! - One lone male arrived a week ago and has been moping around the yard, but today his mate arrived to much excitement. I was getting really worried about where she had got to but she must have taken the 'scenic route'. They flew straight into the stable to check out the nest they made last year, and seemed very pleased that it was still in good order. It never fails to amaze me when those little wings manage to fly thousands of miles from South Africa and also navigate their way back to the same place every year. A wonderful thing. Isn't nature amazing?
We need some good news as the virus here has now taken over 15,000 lives. The government thinks it has reached its peak but the lock down has been extended for another three weeks. People on the whole are being pretty good about it and everywhere is so quiet. It is actually rather nice but I am beginning to miss the social side and I am also running out of ideas for supper. Which reminds me...
Back to the kitchen.

Thank goodness we can socially distance on horseback!