Monday, 8 June 2020

We had a rather eventful night last night - Jess started to colic at around 10 pm and we spent the next three hours walking her and Pat around to try and get her to settle. We gave her a tube of Finadyne which normally works straight away and we were rather concerned when she was still in obvious discomfort some time later. We had just got her pain free and settled so we went to bed and then at around 1.30pm the foaling alarm went off. We had put Dream in the yard with Tik as she was going mad every time Jess left her stable and we really were not expecting her to foal as she hadn't waxed, so thank goodness for the alarm.  She is now the proud mother of a very smart and rather large filly foal by Telescope. She is just gorgeous and unlike the colts was up and suckling by herself within a very short time.
Big Bertha at 6 hours old

The lovely Bertha