Sunday, 21 June 2020

We have got a magnificent display of poppies in the next door field. It was supposed to be oil seed rape but because of the dry weather the crop has failed and the poppies have taken over. Absolutely beautiful with the downside that they are attracting people from all over the place - with a few weird ones... One gentleman knocked on the door to say that he was a wildlife photographer and could he park in the yard whilst he took some photos of the poppies and also his speciality, dragon flies. He then offered to take some photos of the mares and foals - He didn't mention that he had a dark haired girlfriend waiting in the wings and they spent the next two hours deep in the poppy field with her posing with very little on! Needless to say I don't think there were many photos taken of dragonflies or mares and foals...
The other somewhat strange visitors were a very large group of Indians who ended up having a lovely picnic on our table right outside our house, whilst the children played in the garden and part of the group went into the shepherd hut... When they were questioned they said they could do what they liked as it was on the footpath. It isn't actually and they were eventually sent on their way. Quite extraordinary but also funny!
Jack, Poppy and Tatty enjoying the view from the shepherd hut

Some of the unwanted guests, the rest were in the garden and the shepherd hut!

Where did all those poppies come from?