Saturday, 26 September 2020

 We had a lovely visit yesterday from Roy, Carol and Stephen who came to see Popaway's 'children' and the horses in work doing a little canter. I had a slight mishap where I parted company with Secret - We were cantering around the old round gallop - I was just about to overtake Archie as he was spooking at everything when he suddenly shied sideways and Secret had to take avoiding action - at the same time a crow scarer banger went off next door, just when I was hanging out the side door, which probably didn't help. Anyway, no broken bones, just a bit sore. It 's always good to give the owners a bit of entertainment as it can be so boring otherwise!   

                                                               Roy, Carol and Roy Boy
Roy Boy and Popaway

                                                                      Popalong, Carol and Roy