Wednesday, 21 October 2020

 It was a filthy wet day today so I thought I would put this nice positive photo up from a couple of days ago as the autumn colours are beautiful.

My ribs have more or less mended so I am now back riding which is great. Lucy came in and we are doing slow canter work on the grass field for now, so we were pleased to get the rain as we need the ground to be soft.  I got so wet that after riding I was slopping around in soggy clothes whilst feeding the mares and foals that I decided to go for a swim in the river. It actually felt a little warmer than usual as I was already so cold!  I will miss the river when we have to leave here....

We went to Devon for the weekend looking for places to live. We found a couple of lovely places but just can't progress as HS2 are still dragging their feet about providing their report for the Alternative Dispute resolution. This is needed before we can resolve this situation. However, that hasn't stopped them from continuously harassing us and asking what preparations we have made about moving out on the 30th November.  This is bullying and intimidation. How can we move out when they haven't paid us for the businesses which they have compulsory 'purchased'?  We had security of tenure at Blackgrounds and consequently invested everything in our businesses here.  It is not our fault that they have decided to put a train that NO ONE wants right through our home and our lives./ We just want this to end as we have had enough.