Sunday, 27 December 2020

 Happy Christmas everyone! I hope you all coped with the unusual conditions and are able to see the light at the end of the tunnel...

We had a lovely Christmas despite the last minute Covid changes. Poor Sophie was unable to see her parents and I didn't see Dad. To begin with we did the stables where the pigs and chickens got extra special treats and the horses got Christmas carrots. We then went round to see Josh and Emma for a 'socially distanced' unwrapping of presents in their car park... Emma has asthma so she has to be very careful and I have only seen them all once since the lock down.  They looked really well and were delighted with their pressies. 

Archie, Hector, India and Allegra with Josh and Emma

We then went to Joseph and Sophie's where we had a lovely hug from Henry and Jessica (sod the rules) Sophie had prepared the most delicious lunch. It was a real treat for me not to be hosting it this time after 30 odd years (apart from twice) and it felt very strange not having the normal stress associated with Christmas day. Sophie was highly organised and made it all look very easy. It was lovely to see one of our puppies again (Bruno) who has really made himself at home and is very much loved by them all.  After the very yummy lunch we went for a Christmas walk around the farm. Joseph has planted hundreds of trees and miles of hedges and it was wonderful to see a once somewhat sterile mainly arable farm look so much more conducive to wildlife

Back from our walk after lunch with Jessica and Henry, Sophie, Bruno and Joseph

The Covid situation has got worse and we are now in Tier three. We have an OX postcode but we are under South Northants council. Oxfordshire has gone to Tier four and we are obviously quite close to the border as when we lie in bed and look at our NHS App on our phones Doug is tier three on his side of the bed and I am in Tier four on my side, with a big warning to STAY AT HOME - A good excuse for a quiet night as clearly the border must not be crossed - Also Doug can go and do the weekly shopping now!

We were hoping to run Top Garry at Chaddesley on Monday as he is popping out of his skin but sadly that has been cancelled due to water logging. If it's not one thing it's another... Our next target is Reveley Park on the 10th January assuming we haven't been locked down again by then...