Sunday, 20 December 2020

Sadly there was no racing for Top Garry today as it was cancelled due to Charing being in Tier 4 and the new rules came in to place first thing this morning. It's a small price to pay to try and control the virus which has now mutated into a far more virulent form. 

It gave me time to catch up on things to do with Christmas. Doug dug (Dug dug!) up a Christmas tree I planted at least eight years ago which has now been put in a pot and will hopefully survive coming indoors. It will then come with us to our new home and be replanted  It is at least seven foot tall and the tiny little sapling was given out free with a Christmas tree I bought from Harlestone Garden Centre all those years ago. I remember it well as I was feeling a bit down as buying Christmas trees always used to be a lovely traditional thing I did with the children and it seemed sad going on my own. We always used to walk around Harlestone Firs afterwards with the dogs. When I planted the sapling on my return it somehow cheered me up and was a source of joy watching it grow. Now here it is giving me more hope of better Christmas's to come and wondering where we will end up.....

We have a new horse in the yard - Ella our novice rider has been looking for a horse to take her round and with the help of Billy Aprahamian and Marcus Coley we picked up a lovely mare called Field Exhibition. She is an absolute cracker and has already settled in really well. She was rated 137 and ran in the Welsh National which must have bottomed her as her form dropped away sharply after that. She needs her teeth and back done but once she has had a full MOT she will be a great spin for Ella as she still retains all her enthusiasm. 

Field Exhibition (Flo) First night at Blackgrounds