Friday, 18 May 2012

The schooling session this morning went really well - Whisper, Frog (Quand Je Reve de Toi) and Laverty in the first lot, and then Jess (We Never Give Up) and Cloudy Moon in the second lot. They were all impressive over the big regulation fences. We didn't think Jake needed schooling so he just went up the gallops with Leon and Harry.
We are walking Dingley this evening but at this stage the runners tomorrow are 'We Never Give Up' in the restricted and 'Intimate Whisper' and 'Cloudy Moon' in the three mile maiden. Jake (Doctor Kingsley) is more likely to go to Whitfield on Sunday but it depends on the ground. Paddy (The Irish RM) because of his very low heart rate has taken a lot more work to get him fit than we realised and is on a serious 'get fit mission' at the moment. We are hoping to run him at Dingley on June 2nd. Leon needs another week as he knocked his fetlock during his last race and was a little sore for a few days so isn't quite ready.
Laverty, Frog and Jake are hopefully going to Whitfield tomorrow. Some people are questioning why we are not running Jake at Stratford in the Horse and Hound cup on June 1sr. We made the decision because Stratford is a flat fast track, he would have to go around three times (which he would hate) and the ground could be quite quick by then also and probably more to the point, we are having our end of season party at Stratford and really don't want any distractions! Seriously though, Jake needs to win a Mens Open for him to qualify for the Foxhunters at Cheltenham next season, so if we can get that under his belt now while he is so well, the pressure will be off for him to win one next season.