Friday, 30 January 2009

Velvet Frog loose schooling yesterday

Horrible cold wind. All horses on walker.

Phil came this morning to ride out. He was supposed to be riding Red but when he got on she groaned and almost sunk to the ground - took the saddle off and she had swollen withers - can't understand it as the saddle always has a jelly pad underneath plus a nice sheepskin numnah and she has never had problems before. It was painful enough to be hawthorn but we couldn't see anything. She has had hot and cold poultices and is spending the day in her box.

Phil rode Dove instead, I was on Dream and Doug on Frog. We did once up the all weather and then around the grass gallop twice and up the hill. Dove very strong and still not settling. She doesn't seem to be feeling any ill effects after her accident with the trailer yesterday. Dream felt very well but only does exactly the amount she needs to do and the Frog went incredibly well - just learning to stretch out and loving it. Very much on her toes on the way back. We went back down the all weather and Dove thought she was going back up, when we turned for home she planted and wouldn't go a yard except backwards. In the end Doug got on board and off she went. She knows she can take the mickey. So much ability but so difficult to manage. She needs more hunting.

Velvet Blu had her bath and is having a quiet day, saving her energy for tomorrow. Frog, Dove and Dream turned out.

David Mansell is riding Velvet Blu - the best man for the job at this stage as she is still relatively inexperienced over fences. She is very well in herself and should win,,,,,,