Friday, 6 February 2009

White stuff again

Lots of office work to do but we decide to go sledging instead - we towed each other behind the quad, and as you can see I was much kinder to Doug than he was to me....

We took Frog and Dream for a ride up the hill at the back of the farm - it was such an amazing feeling cantering on such deep snow. It felt so safe and the horses loved it. Frog is getting stronger everyday and coped with the hill, the snow and Doug's lightweight (?) impressively well.

Red and Dove had the day off as Roy said that Dove should have 3 days off after her corrective treatment, and Red's withers are still bruised - I found out what caused it and am not very happy. Her jelly pad wasn't put under her racing saddle before schooling and pressed into her withers. A stupid mistake and one I am not proud of. I should have double checked and not just assumed. We have now bought a wither protector that goes under the saddle which we will try out tomorrow weather permitting. She is such a genuine horse who always tries her hardest and deserves better