Monday, 6 July 2009

A water buffalo
After seeing the elephants we had a picnic on the completely deserted beach - Jay had been to the fruit market and bought pineapples, mangoes and banana's, all of which grow in abundance on the island. We then cycled back through the various villages - I nearly fell off my bike a number of times because I was blown away with all the different sights and my head was on a swivel. There was buffalo, cows, goats and chickens everywhere. The cows and buffalo were all tethered and moved at regular intervals. They are even brought in to the barn if it is raining. They take enormous pride in their livestock and they are all very well looked after, even though as Hindu's they don't eat meat, which seemed a little odd as I'm not sure what they would do with the male calves, they all seem to be kept as pets but I assume they must have to sell them eventually as otherwise they would soon run out of grazing land.