Tuesday, 22 September 2009

So many things to report on that I'm going to have to bullet point them -

  • The afternoon cubbing went really well with Harry and Dove but Frog was lame when we got her off the trailer. We think she may have fallen over in the field as she also had a cut on her back leg. Doug had to take her back, but then joined us on foot later. really pleased with Dove as she settled so well. The barbecue was really good fun...
  • I took Jay to her first day at Kent University. We hadn't looked around it previous to her accepting her place and we didn't really know what to expect, but we were pleasantly surprised. It is right next to Canterbury which is absolutely beautiful and the campus is set in the woods with lots of cycle/walk paths leading through the trees. Everyone was very friendly. It was quite obvious which students had been away on gap years and which one's were fresh from leaving home, as well as many other things the gap year has given Jay an enormous amount of invaluable confidence.
  • Friends from Cornwall, Nikki and Andy, came to stay for a couple of days. They gave the shepherds hut a test run and loved it. The shower also passed with flying colours - and they fed the worms!
  • We have started breaking in the youngsters - the first day they were all very well behaved (except Spider) but today they have had time to think about it and were much more of a challenge. Amy hit the deck a couple of times, luckily it was on the sand surface, so a soft landing. The bigger two year old (now called Doris) is probably the most advanced and was mouthed today. She had a slight incident when she went over backwards but hopefully has taught herself a lesson and will be ridden tomorrow. Spider was slightly better behaved. Cloud was surprisingly good but no doubt that will all change.
  • I have temporarily lost my battery charger for my camera but when I have found I will take photo's of their progress.
  • One of our chooks died yesterday after looking poorly for a long time. I had tried all sorts of remedies but think she had cancer. She was too weak to get up the ramp into the roost and so used to sleep in the lower section. On the night of her death another chook stayed down and lay besides her until she died. She had never stayed down before and hasn't done so since. Strangely moving. Perhaps not quite as feather brained as we thought....
  • Frog is much better.