Thursday, 5 November 2009

Yesterday we took three horses up the all weather gallop - Lucy on Frog (brave girl!) Doug on Dream and me on Red. Red was due to go to the vets the following day (today) for a possible wind operation as she has been making a noise when galloping. We wanted the vet to know what sort of noise she makes so we taped a mobile phone to a her bridle and pressed the 'record' button - we got some rather strange looks from Ben Case's lot when they saw her - especially as they had previously seen Harry with his fish net stockings around his nose -'those Larkins - whatever next?'... in the afternoon I did a large bag of post before the next threatened postal strike this Friday and Doug did some fencing for an Essex couple (Marlene and Boycie) who have moved "to the countree".
Lucy didn't fall off Frog, although it was fairly close a couple of times and we got a very good recording of Red sounding like a pig snoring.
Today Doug and I rode Dove and Harry - we were delighted as Harry was completely OK after his fall on Tuesday- Slightly stiff to begin with but soon loosened up. We're very lucky that both horse and rider survived unscathed.
We then set off with Red to the vets at Oakham where they specialise in Red's particular problem. She was scoped, which is where they put a camera down her throat to see what the problem is - After listening to the recording of her galloping it was decided that a soft palate and tie forward operation was necessary. She has also got a blocked nasal passage which isn't helping so that will also be drained. She was still sedated when we left her and is due to have her operation on Monday, hopefully coming home on Wednesday. Poor Red - but it has to be done, she is too good a horse not to give her a chance.
We got back after dark and was very pleased to see that Ben had done the stables. He is getting on really well with his horse (stable name Jake) and popped him over the logs yesterday which Jake jumped really well. He is looking forward to doing some canter work with him but he has got to do another 2 weeks of trotting first so that Jake's legs have been hardened off, to avoid any tendon problems in the future.