Tuesday, 1 December 2009

We had the first real frost of the winter this morning - I had still been picking flowers from the garden up until yesterday, absolutely unheard of for this time of the year. However, it was lovely to see the frost as it was beautifully crisp and sunny and has dried out the ground.
Yesterday, both Lucy and Ben came in and we gave the horses a really good piece of work. I was on Frog and she gave me the best ride yet - she reminded me of the feel that Blu used to give me - very exciting, We had heart monitors on Harry, Dream and Frog and the results were interesting. Frog's readings were the most impressive - she tended to get her highest readings right at the beginning of the ride because of anxiety, but then when she was working her HR was much lower than the others and at the top of the grass gallop, a distance in front of the other horses, was only 89 bpm (average 170 bpm) which shows what an efficient heart she has - we just have to get her head right and she could do anything (literally!) Both Harry and Dream are coming on really well and their heart rates were in line with what I would expect at this stage.
Red, Skye and Dove then went out for a quiet hack. It was wonderful to see Red, and in particular Skye being ridden again. A day we thought would never happen when she shattered her navicular bone in a bad fall at Thorpe two years ago. She was taken to the vets on three legs and he thought she should be put down.It was too serious to try and pin it together and there was nothing he could do. He advised against putting her in foal as he didn't think she would be able to stand the extra weight. However, we decided to give her a chance and did some research on the Internet. Doug made her a special shoe which effectively held everything together but was like a high heel which was gradually lowered to prevent stress on the deep flexor tendon and to encourage blood flow to the injured area. After six months she was well enough to go to the stallion and has gradually got better. She was completely sound yesterday and seemed really happy to be back in work. She will be a lovely ride for Jay over the Christmas holidays.
Last night it was the Bicester Hunt's pub of the month which was in the next village. They are such a friendly lot and it was a really good night.
Today it was mainly work - Doug went to see a couple of fencing jobs which will keep him out of mischief for a while, I rode Dove but the rest of the horses (apart from Jake) had the day off.
Spider and Eeyore are now in the barn and have settled in really well. Uncle Eeyore is really sweet with Spider and allows her to eat his food when she has finished her own. He seems to rather like being chief babysitter and has taken his role very seriously.
The other three youngsters are still out but will come in as soon as we have mended the leaky roof in the barn. Just another job...