Thursday, 7 January 2010

Jay on Dream
It was -17 last night. The snow was beautifully powdery so we decided to try taking the horses out and it was a great success - we took them around the big field opposite the house in three lots. First lot me on Harry, Doug on Dove, 2nd lot me on Red, Doug on Frog and Jay on Dream and 3rd lot, me on Skye and Doug on Jake, as Ben couldn't make it in. We trotted and slow cantered in this beautiful virgin snow. The horses loved the change and all behaved really well.
Doing the stables takes so much longer as all the pipes are frozen - even the pipes in the house froze tonight. Our boots which we leave in the porch were frozen solid when we came to do evening stables.
Thank goodness we've got the youngsters inside, I would be having sleepless nights if they were outside.It's set to be even colder tonight...