Sunday, 22 May 2011

Darn it, I think my computer has got a virus because it refuses to let me onto my blog - that means I can't download some of the photos that I was going to use today.
Having spent the past hour trying to get it to work (I ended up using Doug's computer) I'm ready for bed now!
Briefly, We went to Garthorpe races today, lots of runners and good racing, it lacks the atmosphere though, I'm not quite sure why but it always seems to be a bit 'muted' . However, we met up with a great bunch of people and had a good time. It was a luxury to be able to watch the races without having a horse to worry about. We stopped for a Chinese on the way home which was also a treat.
I'm going to Cornwall for a few days walking with the dogs - Doug is really busy and can't get away for weeks and I have got a little gap where I won't be missed - I'm staying in a little pub/hotel right on the cliffs of the Northern coast - It is has absolutely stunning views and is very friendly, perfect place for a break on your own. I better get packed as I want to leave first thing tomorrow morning. Hopefully my computer will be in a better mood when I get back...