Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The gallop at Towcester went very well although we only ended up taking Frog and Doris as we couldn't get transport organised in time for Aitch and Moonie, also Amy was in London the night before and due to the fog it would have been really difficult for her to get to Towcester by 7 am. Toby rode Frog and Will was on Doris, they both looked (what we could see in the gloom) very impressive coming up the hill for the last time and hadn't come off the bridle although Doris looked particularly impressive. Will said afterwards that she attacked the hill as though it wasn't there - he was very excited about her performance. Sadly, his hamstring is still giving him a lot of pain and he hasn't been able to get fully fit so we have booked Toby to ride Frog on Sunday at Cottenham, depending on the ground.
The other horses went really well this morning and we are still on course for Moonie and Aitch to go to Barbury Castle on Sunday, and possibly Doris either there or Chaddesley Corbett depending on the ground.
At the beginning of the summer Red and Skye went to a certain lady (who will remain un-named) as she wanted to buy one of them and said that she would find a good home for the other. She wanted them both on trial so she could decide which one she wanted for herself. After a lot of umming and aaahing she finally made up her mind that she wanted to buy Red but couldn't find a home for Skye, yesterday we went to pick her up from the field where they had been summered - When we saw them we were horrified by their condition, they were both skeletal and very nearly RSPCA cases. The lady in question had previously assured me that they were both really well and were being fed twice a day, but was clearly not being completely truthful, so even though we only had one head collar with us we 'kid-napped' Red. We could not believe that she could treat such lovely horses in such a way. They are both back here safe and sound and haven't stopped eating - they are very pleased to be home. I left a message with her to say that we had picked up Red as well and how disappointed we were in the way she had been looking after them - Needless to say I haven't heard back. SO annoying as they were both very saleable during the summer, they looked great and were going really well but I trusted this woman to find a good home for both of them. Grrrr - Some people......