Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A foal is born!!! At last.... after 16 sleepless nights, she slips the foal out without me seeing or hearing a thing. She was born at around 2 am this morning, and I last looked at her at 1 am. Grrrr! However, thank goodness, she was born with no problem this time, as her last foal needed to be pulled and would have died if we hadn't been around. Dove was still awkward to the last though - she waited until all the lovely warm weather had gone and gave birth in very changeable weather and now with pouring rain. She then decided that she couldn't let her foal out of sight for one moment and every time the foal tried to suckle she would run around after her, therefore not allowing her to latch on, so in the middle of the night we had to twitch her to make her stand still so that 'Little Dove' could have a good feed. She is a sweet little character though and well worth all the effort.