Saturday, 7 April 2012

Mother and baby doing really well - Little Dove, at the age of two days has taken to galloping flat out round and round the field with her mother in worried pursuit - it is rather amusing to see something so tiny getting the better of her awkward and belligerent mother. It is really rather touching to see that hard nosed trout behaving like any 'normal' besotted mother - who would have thought It?!

We have a big day today with Whisper going to Dingley for her second time on the track. It is a very competitive race with lots of runners but she is very well and hopefully will run a good race. We had entered Cloud as well but thought that taking two nervous maidens in the trailer together might be too stressful for both us and them, so we will leave Cloud at home for the time being. Harry will go as her companion, bless him. He isn't the brightest light on the Christmas tree and is as sleepy at the races as he is at home. He schooled yesterday and really, you have never seen anything like it - all the enthusiasm in the world but it was as if he had never jumped a chase fence before - he is utterly chaotic. Peter Mann who was schooling him loves his endless enthusiasm though, and thinks we should run him, especially if it is soft. He is entered for Tuesday at Upton on Severn, and Jake and Laverty are probably going to Paxford on Sunday.