Thursday, 29 November 2012

Doug's mother looking amazing  on her 79th birthday

Now the horses are getting fitter we are having to sit tighter and Jay very kindly contributed to the drop pot this morning. We were coming home from a ride when Lady Barfad (Goody) shied at a pheasant and dropped her. She then set off for home at a very fast rate of knots which involved crossing the Culworth road, and then turning sharp right towards Chipping Warden - because she was going so fast she slipped over and lay on the ground for what seemed like ages, (that was horrible as I thought she had broken something) but by the time we got closer she had scrambled to her feet and cantered off a little steadier, towards our yard. We were dreading what we might find but she was standing in the yard with just a small scrape on her back and front legs and nothing more, thank goodness - Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention that Jay is fine too although she did hit the ground rather heavily (like a falling tree, Doug said!)
Peter also has to make a contribution as on Friday he fell off Jake whilst jumping the tyres, yes, the tyres!!! In his defence it was slightly Doug and Subo's fault as Jake had been giving them a lead, and then somehow Doug got in front and slowed right down in front of the tyres and then cat jumped them, Jake thought there must be something to be concerned about so he slammed on his brakes and Pete did a swan dive over his head, much hilarity!
The yard has been in mourning for one of our two pet ducks who got squashed by a neighbouring farmer who drives like Toad of Toad Hall and has the eyesight of Colonel Blink (and will remain nameless..)
Jay had bought the ducks back from university and they had both settled in really well. They were very tame and great characters. The remaining duck was distraught without her friend and spent the whole time quacking and looking for her, so a few days ago I went on a mission to find another Khaki Campbell - I went to various farms but was unsuccessful, so then ended up at our local farm shop , Tilbrook Farm, where Sarah the owner thought she could help me. She made a few calls and although she was unable to find another female, she found a drake - I picked him up just before racing on Sunday and made then spend the day and night together - I then let them out of their hut and they both waddled at high speed in opposite directions - with the drake very nearly getting airborne and flying away - not entirely satisfactory, but I am very pleased to report that today they are heading in the right direction of 'loves young dream' and seem quite fond of each other...Aaaah, baby ducklings in the spring would be lovely.
The rain has at last stopped and today was cold but sunny - I have just got back from dropping Doug off at the gallops where he is harrowing and saw a beautiful barn owl in the frosty moonlight.