Monday, 3 December 2012

A muddy Doug, having fallen off
As we set off this morning Doug said "Hang on everyone, the horses are fresh as they have had a day off"  Half an hour later Doug was on his backside being dragged backwards by Flash across a field. We had been cantering around the all weather when a pheasant flew up and made Flash and all the others shie violently to the left, at which point the law of gravity took hold and Doug fell off. He held onto the reins but she continued backwards at a very fast rate causing Doug to plough a furrow in the field. We all stood and watched with our mouths open as it didn't look as though either party was going to give up, but eventually Flash ground to a halt and Doug stood up with mud where mud shouldn't go...... Once we had established that both horse and rider were OK (the latter being a little grumpy) we allowed ourselves a little chortle or two - Oh my, it was funny, and Jay was particularly amused as she didn't feel quite so bad having been the last one to be decanted.
Apart from that little incident all the other horses went very well this morning, after we got back we gave them a little pop in the school and they are all nicely on track.
We have entered Definite Dawn and Dancer for Barbury Castle this weekend and also double entered them for Wadebridge in case Barbury is frozen off. We have also entered Jake for Wadebridge as if it is frozen off then we will have Peter to ride him who isn't available if Barbury is on as he has his mother's very good horse, Midnight King to ride.