Friday, 8 February 2013

I am still on 'box rest' as my back is giving me some grief, but at least it has shackled me to the office and I am catching up with some necessary tasks, like actually trying to make a penny or two.
We are running Whisper tomorrow at Larkhill, and on Sunday Ponty and Definite Dawn at North Carlton, Faye is taking 'We Never Give Up' (Jess) to Godstone. Christopher came in this morning but as it was frozen we couldn't do as much schooling as we would have liked and he just schooled Dream in the menage, he still managed to contribute to the drop pot though, so hopefully he will have got that out the way and stay on board for his big day. All the other horses worked really well.
The weather forecast looks dreadful for Sunday and if it is snowed off we still have our tickets for the Ireland v England match in Dublin, so it will be a last minute dash to the Emerald Isles - The tickets will be available if it isn't snowed off if anyone is interested, just let me know...