Wednesday, 6 February 2013

We took four horses hunting yesterday - Jess, Jake, Rosie and Flash. It was Rosie's first time and you can tell that she is related to Jake as she is definitely quirky - She was reasonably well behaved but always looks really worried and seems to be looking for an excuse not to co-operate. She has the habit of 'freezing' and preferring to go backwards than forwards - She joined the hunt for the majority of the time and actually relaxed a bit and seemed to enjoy it. I had gone on with Flash as she loves her hunting and the hounds were flying - We covered what seemed like miles and were in unknown territory(Warwickshire country) when we came to a big ditch right next to a tree - Flash did a massive jump to the right and I caught my leg on the tree and came off backwards - She then disappeared into the distance and as the hounds were flying and there wasn't many people left I looked around and couldn't see a soul, I had no idea where I was or where my steed was so it was somewhat worrying, but luckily some very kind person had followed her and after a worrying twenty minutes they appeared in the distance - phew! Luckily I had my phone with me and after walking to the nearest farmhouse I was able to get an address and phone through to Doug to pick me up as he and the other two had returned to the lorry. I pulled a muscle in my back and am a bit sore but nothing that won't mend. A darned nuisance as we were having some fun.
Today I had a day off from horses and caught up on office work.We have just ordered a takeaway which has just arrived so bye for now!