Sunday, 3 February 2013

Oh dear, Jake ran a stinking race. A bit puzzling, but he did look somewhat porky in the paddock - He has done as much work as all the other horses but finds it very easy and clearly wasn't fit enough. Our instructions were somewhat to blame as well, as we told the jockey to be gentle with him and not put him under too much pressure as we didn't want him bottomed on the glue like ground - However, he was put at the back which he hates and if he can't see the front he doesn't go on the bridle so he finished well beaten. Disappointing. but we have got plenty of time before Cheltenham to work on his fitness now we know where we are and he is there to fight another day. Popaway on the other hand ran a cracking race and came a good second out of thirteen. We were delighted with the way she settled and know that on better ground she will take some beating. It was a great days racing though and a really beautiful part of the country.
Last night we went to the Pytchley Hunt ball which was great fun. They had a diamond necklace raffle, (worth £2000) and Doug bought one ticket, at the end of the evening I couldn't believe it when they called my name out!! They had sold hundreds of tickets and Doug won the necklace, which is really nice. Happy days!
I was going to tell you about our new arrival - Stuart Campbell phoned to tell me about a mare which he had broken in called Varkala, which he knew to be a good sort and also knew that the owners couldn't afford to train her and wanted her to go to a point to point yard. She is beautifully bred, by Old Vic out of a Bobs Back mare. She had a slight tendon injury and was put in foal but recently lost it which is why she had come available. As she hasn't actually won it means she is still a maiden which makes her quite an attractive proposition. She will be scanned to make sure that all is well and as she seems to have kept herself fairly fit we will see if we can get a run into her before the end of the season. She is very easy to do and a lovely honest sort. We have an empty stable coming up as Paddy is going back to his owner, Emma, as we don't think he really wants to be a racehorse. He is such a lovely person who does everything else right (except go fast!) that he should find another job which he will enjoy. It is a shame but it isn't fair to expect someone to pay training fees when they won't be getting results. Paddy won a very tough race in Ireland and has never really mentally recovered  from it. We will miss him but know that he will be well looked after.