Sunday, 21 April 2013

As somewhat expected Flash found the going a little to quick for her liking and went to the back in a flash! Bless her, she is such a lovely horse to do and a brilliant hunter so she has always got another job if racing isn't her thing. She was very stiff in her shoulders when she finished so we will get the chiropractor to see her and then rough her off for the season.. It always takes time for a horse that has raced in Ireland to get over their tough races and want to do it again, so a proper break will do her the world of good. A fabulous day at the races though and lovely to catch up with everyone over a picnic in the sunshine, rather than huddled up in the lorry as has been the case for the last few meetings.
We are now on the way to Garthorpe with Popaway and Ponty Pandy. We decided against taking Dancer as she was very slightly lame and although there is no heat or swelling, unless we know what it is we dont want to risk her on quicker ground. Grrrrr! Horses!