Sunday, 21 April 2013

Popaway won!!  It was so lovely to see her get her confidence back over fences after her nasty fall last week-end and it was her fabulous jumping that got her to the front today. There was really only one horse to beat. a Bealby trained horse, who had won his last two races and was very much on the upgrade. but she did it in style and won by four lengths.A fantastic result.
Ponty Pandy should have done better as he looked stunning in the parade ring and did the first lap like a dead cert, he then came off the bridle completely and went from second out of twelve to second last (as he seems to in every race) he then came back on the bridle and finished fast but not in the first four. He didn't seem at all tired so either he is being a bit of a monkey or he has a breathing problem. He has been heard to make a whistle on the gallops so we will take him to the expert, Ben Brain, who will do a scope whilst the horse is galloping around so that he can actually see if the horse has difficulty breathing and then hopefully advise us on what action to take.
Once again it was a fantastic days racing. Jay was in charge of the picnic which was delicious and the owners were great company - A good time was had by all.....