Sunday, 15 June 2014

Jessica's Christening with proud Dad (Joseph) in background
We have had a fabulous week-end with yesterday's Christening being a very sweet occasion with all the family and then a quick rush to our next 'event' Georgia and Charlie's wedding, and oh my goodness me, what a FANTASTIC wedding it was!  Because it was two farming families getting together and the fact that Georgia also trains point to pointers (She used to work for us) -  It was a serious party - 240 like minded people all in one marquee and determined to enjoy themselves. The wedding was at 2 pm and we were still there at just before 2 am. Di, Georgia's mother did a wonderful job of organising it and every single detail was perfect.
Today (feeling a little jaded) Peter, Rose, Doug and myself took Dad out for a Fathers Day meal. We went to the Golf Club in Kilworth Springs where they have a very nice restaurant. Dad was on great form and is looking forward to going to South Africa on Tuesday to see his ailing sister, Mary.
He went to Ireland last month to see his Irish based family and between them they somehow got the wrong date of arrival. I received a panicky phone call from Auntie Margaret saying "Pauline, we have lost your Dad!" They had been waiting for hours at Belfast airport and he hadn't shown up. They had even resorted to searching all the airport loo's before they finally contacted Dad at home who was obliviously enjoying a cup of tea, totally unaware of the panic that had been caused. Bless him......  South Africa look out!
Great Grandpa Barr with Henry and Jessica