Friday, 13 June 2014

The Popaway party was a huge success. We popped open a magnum of  Moet that she had won at Cheltenham and then settled down to watch the customary DVD's, living the whole wonderful experience all over again. Marge did us proud with a beautiful rib of beef. Roy stood up and made a great speech about what a wonderful season they had all had and what a wonderful job we had done of producing Popaway at the top of the clock for every race. We responded by saying what a pleasure it was to train her and for such lovely owners. The truth is they would all be just as grateful and happy if she hadn't won a single race but if she had just finished the season sound, they are such nice people. I didn't realise until last night that Roy, who will be eighty soon has represented England three times in three different sports, shooting, motorbike riding and eventing. Very impressive!
I have just got back from Leamington Spa trying to do some last minute pressie and hat shopping as we are going to little Jessica's christening tomorrow, followed by the Sheppards wedding and then on the Sunday we are taking Dad out for Fathers Day. Fingers crossed for the Shep's that the weather holds out.