Sunday, 29 June 2014

Our Greek holiday was as wonderful as ever - long lazy days swimming in crustal clear water, boating around the coast exploring deserted beaches, lots of reading, eating delicious fresh fish and Greek salads and catching up with friends Daisy and Martin who are 'living the dream' and have a beautiful house right next to the sea. A fabulous holiday...
Poppy was due to have her puppies on the 27th June so I was rather anxious to get back to 'supervise' the birth as it is her first time, but I didn't need to worry as she managed perfectly well without me and gave birth early that morning before we got back, to three gorgeous little potatoes (Spud is the proud father) two girls and one boy and Poppy adores them. So sweet.
We have had to hit the ground running as last night we went to the Boddington Ball - 500 people in a marquee in the middle of a field. It was brilliantly organised by a few of the Boddington villagers and was still going strong when we left at 2 am. We are now just about to go to a big lunch party at Bron and John's and added to that we have got an Australian family staying with us who are old friends of Doug's and who's son is playing cricket for his school against English schools. All great fun but I think I might need another holiday sooner rather than later!!